“Arthritis on Crack”

  By The Rogue Rooster   Jamara Nowell was only 20 years old, living in Great Falls, Montana, when she began feeling the symptoms; something wasn’t right. “I remember the first sign was I had this small rash on the... Continue Reading →

Happy By Choice

By The Rogue Rooster In life, people are often faced with challenges and shortcomings that can destroy confidence and self-esteem, but for Jamara Nowell, it can be a blessing, and an example of how happiness is a choice; that no... Continue Reading →

Holidays Away…

    Last week, people around the world celebrated Easter Sunday, another holiday to celebrate life, and spend time with ones you hold dear. It's times like these people should try to be thankful for what they have, for not... Continue Reading →

When the world flies by…

The Strength to Smile…

By Bubbles   This week, Gobbz wrote a great post regarding the true meanings of STRENGTH. Bubbles found a great example of real STRENGTH after stumbling on an article in the local newspaper about Jasmin Floyd, and her daily struggles... Continue Reading →

The True Strength of Man

Sweat poured down his face and his legs cried out in pain. There was a stress reverberating through his body as he sprinted to the nearest building. His poor little chicken legs have never been placed under such a load,... Continue Reading →


  AARDVARK took over Lakeside Middle School Saint Patrick's Day, this is the tale... A big THANK YOU to Karl Mote, Steve Gervais, and everyone at LMS for having us out...we had a blast!!!

Wild West Taxidermy

Bubbles takes some time to sit down with Christopher Allen, owner of Wild West Taxidermy, to talk about the issues and challenges he has faced in starting his own business, as well as the transition to civilian life after his... Continue Reading →

Spokane’s Very Own ‘Power’ Couple

BY BUBBLES   In order for one to start-up their own business, there must be some kind of inspiration; a headache or problem you would want to remedy, something like what James Fuller and Cheyenne Baxter were finding within the... Continue Reading →

Get Ready For The ‘Main Event!’

James Fuller & Cheyenne Baxter, owners of Main Event Strength. By Bubbles Every Saturday, James Fuller and Cheyenne Baxter open their personal gym to those who want to come train in strength, power, and overall fitness, “We want a place... Continue Reading →

The Author

I am getting old. It's not an opinion it's a fact. Time is not going to stop and the aging process doesn't slow down for anyone, at least not yet. So until the miracles of science fiction become reality we... Continue Reading →

Hope & Perspective

By GOBBZ Surrounded by people but still feel alone I knock on life's door and no one is home What do you do when all have abandoned? Do you continue to walk or accept that you're stranded? Flying solo is... Continue Reading →

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