Hermit Life, Part I

The life of a hermit—one of self-isolation, or, in this case, self-quarantine—can be a lonely one, and for those stuck at home in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the realities of being stuck at home for weeks at a... Continue Reading →

The Traveler, Part III

The 21st century has brought many interesting aspects which have made day-to-day life easier than generations before; an entire world of information and entertainment lay in the palm of your hand, so why would anyone need to leave the sanctity... Continue Reading →

The Traveler, Part I

"...enough was enough, each step from here on out would be toward forging my own path; yes, I may stumble, or even find myself under someone else's thumb for a short time, but the endgame will remain the life, my rules."

“Arthritis on Crack”

  By The Rogue Rooster   Jamara Nowell was only 20 years old, living in Great Falls, Montana, when she began feeling the symptoms; something wasn’t right. “I remember the first sign was I had this small rash on the... Continue Reading →

Gobby’s Week…Cardio & Core

This week is going to take a brutal toll on the body, so make sure to keep yourself fueled up and hydrated! Today, we focus on hitting some form of cardio for 30 or more minutes, paired with some core... Continue Reading →

The War Within

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Bub & Gobbz

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