The Odyssey of Awesome

The Traveler, Part III

The 21st century has brought many interesting aspects which have made day-to-day life easier than generations before; an entire world of information and entertainment lay in the palm of your hand, so why would anyone need to leave the sanctity... Continue Reading →

The Traveler, Part II

By Bubbles Summer of 2017 was one of the most adventurous of my 31 years on this Earth, yet after months of traveling and exploring new places, meeting new faces, and creating incredible memories (see my articles regarding The Odyssey... Continue Reading →

The Traveler, Part I

"...enough was enough, each step from here on out would be toward forging my own path; yes, I may stumble, or even find myself under someone else's thumb for a short time, but the endgame will remain the life, my rules."

Celebrating Freedom

By Bubbles, Photos by Joy Being on the road for an extended amount of time, for nothing other than to explore and experience the world around you, can bring you a strong sense of freedom, the very same freedoms our... Continue Reading →

Cities of Green

By Bubbles, Photos by Joy There are always a variety of roads to take and routes to follow when traveling across the country, each of them contain amazing sights to behold, such as those found while traveling up the California... Continue Reading →

The Sounds Of The Bay

By Bubbles, photos by Joy California, the Bay Area, Oakland and San Francisco, places full of amazing sights and sounds that linger in the mind weeks after you leave; places where you can meet incredible musicians playing on the street,... Continue Reading →

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