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The Traveler, Part II

By Bubbles Summer of 2017 was one of the most adventurous of my 31 years on this Earth, yet after months of traveling and exploring new places, meeting new faces, and creating incredible memories (see my articles regarding The Odyssey... Continue Reading →

The True Strength of Man

Sweat poured down his face and his legs cried out in pain. There was a stress reverberating through his body as he sprinted to the nearest building. His poor little chicken legs have never been placed under such a load,... Continue Reading →

Hope & Perspective

By GOBBZ Surrounded by people but still feel alone I knock on life's door and no one is home What do you do when all have abandoned? Do you continue to walk or accept that you're stranded? Flying solo is... Continue Reading →


It's Gobby's week, people. Here's an arm day you won't forget for a while...remember to maintain that damn FORM!!! HERE WE GO!!! Close Grip Preachers 4 x 10 Wide Grip Preachers 4 x 10 DB Curls and hammers. Start at... Continue Reading →

Friday…Rise & Bi’s…and Tri’s.

It's flex Friday, time to work on those guns! Be mindful of that FORM, and try to avoid using momentum; don't swing while you curl! Let's do this!  Cable Curl 4 x 10 Overhead tricep extension  (cable) 4 x 10... Continue Reading →

Thursday: Delts & Core

Time to get back to the gym damn it! Hopefully your active rest day was a good one. Today we hit focus on the shoulders and core. Similar to Monday's workout, you'll be super setting each lift with some ab... Continue Reading →

Wednesday…Active Rest

Taking a day off from the weight room today doesn't necessarily mean doing absolutely nothing. Take an active rest day, go out for a walk, a hike, ride a something fun and active today. It doesn't have to be... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Two-fer…

Today we hit two muscle groups that don't usually work deal with it. Today we mix and match the CHEST & BACK! For this, I'll be taking some material from Arnold's BLUEPRINT TO CUT...all about those supersets. Though we... Continue Reading →

Bubbles’ week: Legs and Core

This week we go for the simple approach to kicking ass. It's going to be all about maintaining that FORM!!! This week will be a two on, one off style; two days of lifting, one day of active rest (cardio,... Continue Reading →

Friday…Chest & Tri’s

We made it to Friday! One more day of pyramids...leave nothing left in the tank...who's ready?!?  Chest tri's Flat bench Incline bench Cable flies (low, mid, and upper) Skull crusher Kick backs Single arm reverse grip pull downs Straight bar... Continue Reading →

Wednesday…Legs & Shoulders!

Day three of Gobby's pyramid week, make sure to hydrate and fuel, we're hitting it hard today! Remember to maintain that FORM!! Legs and shoulders Quad extensions Hamstring curls Lunges Squats Leaning lateral raise Front raise Military press Arnold press... Continue Reading →

Gobby’s Week: Monday–> Back & Bi’s…Pyramid style.

This week we rock the pyramid workout It'll be a three-day lifting week, with cardio/core sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. For these workouts, you'll start at the lowest weight, doing 8 reps, increasing weight until you can't complete a full set... Continue Reading →

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