By Bubbles, Photos by Joy

There are always a variety of roads to take and routes to follow when traveling across the country, each of them contain amazing sights to behold, such as those found while traveling up the California coast; in our case, the Odyssey of Awesome took Joy and I onto highway 101 as we traveled North toward Oregon and Washington, going along the Pacific Coast, into the Redwoods.

The moment we entered the miles upon miles of forest, it was as if we had stumbled into an entirely new world, one full of life and beauty. The only “Cities” were composed of the giant trees that make up the forest, some seemed to be as tall as the buildings and [maybe] skyscrapers one would find in any metropolis.

There’s a unique sense of peace within the Redwoods, even when driving through the narrow, windy roads, one can find themselves feeling at ease when looking at the surrounding terrain. It’s best to travel these parts during the daytime hours, however, when the sun lights the way. In the later hours, the forest area can go from sugar to spice as soon as the sun sets, making the windy roads seem a bit more treacherous for any outsider, like us; the drive became a little less beautiful, as the evening mist had set in, bringing visibility down to a dangerous level, forcing us to pull over for the night.

As the sun rises, so does the same feeling of peace that the City of Green brings to travelers…

Along the highway [101], we found ourselves passing a tourist attraction known as the “Trees of Mystery,” where, in front of the entrance to the attraction, stood statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the big blue Ox. We may not have gone into the Trees of Mystery, but snapping some photos with Paul and Babe was well worth the stop.


Our Journey resumed, and as we drove through the northern-most area of the Redwoods, we were treated to an even more tranquil sight, exiting the forest into the coastal areas, staring right at the Pacific…something too beautiful to pass by.

Just south of Eureka, CA, lies a small uninhabited beach area, where many travelers would pull over and marvel at the ocean, we were no different. Much like the forest area we were just in, the ocean–the beach, the wind, the waves–brings a feeling of serenity, one that can bring peace and calm to even the most wild and restless of souls.

Like many of the places we have already explored, to truly experience the peace and tranquility that can be found within the Redwoods, as well as the coastal area, like the beach we found, one would have to see it first-hand; a computer or phone screen simply doesn’t do it justice. This leg of our journey has proved to be one of the more beautiful scenes, one that this traveler won’t soon forget.

As we crossed into Oregon, we made a slight detour into Grants Pass, where we met up with a friend and social media follower of one Joanna Joy: Holli, aka “Alaska Icecream” who was kind enough to give us a tour of the small, yet charming town where–according to Holli and IMDB– part of the film “Rooster Cogburn,” starring John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn, was filmed.


On many sidewalk corners throughout the small town lie painted grizzly bear statues, each covered in their own unique style of art, reflecting the many faces and talents the town has to offer; each bear had its own personality, and each one was just as fun to look at and find.

Sometimes it pays off to make a small detour, as one can see new things, and meet amazing people…Icecream, a U.S. Army veteran, was definitely one of those people. Prior to our journey, her and Joy had never actually met face-to-face, only communicating via different social media platforms; after our visit to Grants Pass, however, it’s safe to say that they (and I) are now “Real-life” friends.

That’s what this journey is all about: to discover new areas, meet amazing new friends, and shed light on the better parts of this world…

The Odyssey of Awesome continues North, heading toward Spokane, Washington, as we gear up to spend a holiday with family and friends…come join us!!!