By BUBBLES, Photos by JOY.

When imagining the life that goes on within the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s easy to picture the nightlife–the clubs, casinos, and parties–hence the name “Sin City;” however, there is so much more to the notorious city, there’s life and beauty all in its own throughout the night and day.




The next stop on our journey took Joy and I to the busy streets of Vegas during a hot summer’s afternoon, yet the city was still booming with tourists, surrounded by all the sights and sounds that bring people back for more. Traveling up and down Fremont street in our car only gave us a quick view of what we see in movies, TV, pictures, etc. So to get a better feel–a real experience– we had to get out and see everything first-hand.

Like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is a city–a world in itself even–that can’t be fully experienced in a single afternoon, one would have to spend multiple days to fully and truly explore the sights and sounds…

Our first stop was the Bellagio Hotel, located on Fremont Street. What seems like a small town of its own, the Bellagio offers many opportunities, not just to sleep and eat; there are many different shops located within, neighbored by beautiful courtyards, fountains (water AND chocolate), sites, sounds, and yes, even a casino. One can truly get lost and/or spend the entire duration of their stay within this single hotel and not run out of things to see and experience.

Outside the Bellagio, you would find the Cosmopolitan, another small-town within itself, with its own shops, restaurants, casinos, etc. Throughout the hotel, employees invite visitors to enjoy the atmosphere, even offering glasses of champagne within their shops, as well as promote the nightlife, and upcoming events. The Cosmopolitan has a different vibe compared to the Bellagio; a more modern feel, almost making you want to put on a good-looking suit and tie, even for a lunch date…and there were multiple suit shops located within that were definitely able to accomodate.

Hotels and casinos may be a large staple when it comes to Vegas, but there is so much more. The streets themselves have an ambience all their own. Sights, sounds, and shows seem to be coming from each building you pass; musicians busking on the sidewalk, cosplayers walking around snapping photos with passing tourists, dancers standing outside their venue for meet-and-greets. It’s a performer’s paradise, one of many throughout the country.

Even in the blistering heat, the flow of life and energy throughout the city never seems to slow down. The sidewalks were full of travelers, citizens, and performers, moving slowly from place to place, each unique building presenting itself in one way or another. Street vendors handing out flyers, initiating conversations with any who pass about what they offer, or an event that may be coming up…a bit overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time.

After traveling up Fremont street, passing many street performers, along with the various sights and sounds, Joy and I found ourselves entering The Venetian, yet another small-town within itself. Upon entering, we noticed a built-in waterway going into the building, and floating on said waterway was a Venice-inspired gondola, even with a singing paddler. Inside the Venetian is definitely a treat for the eyes, as the ceiling and walls are painted to seem as if you are still outside, matching the feel from the shops and sites within.

With shops and restaurants throughout, The Venetian distinguishes itself with amazing artwork and unique performances by dancers, singers, and even “living statues.” One such performance we were treated to was an opera-themed segment, put on by employees who would travel from one end of the hotel to another, singing and dancing in a rennaisance-style theme, using old masks, instruments, and even stilts…yes, stilts! One could easily spend an entire day just enjoying and experiencing everything that goes on, from the gondolas to even the gelato shop in the courtyard.



(We may have gotten some of that gelato)

There’s a reason Las Vegas is known to be so vibrant, with so much to see, so many things and places to experience; so much life, it’s hard to find anytime to rest. Vegas is absolutely a whole world within itself, one that can’t be fully experienced in a single afternoon. One doesn’t even need to gamble, drink, or party while visiting Sin City, and their time would be just as amazing and unforgettable…though what happens in Vegas…[usually] stays in Vegas.

The Odyssey of Awesome continues, heading toward the Bay Area of California…