July 22nd, 2017…


While walking the downtown streets of Austin, Texas, you could hear the horns and bass vibes of the band RdGldGrn (Red-Gold-Green) emanating from the Skyline theatre at the Long Center, part of a four-band show taking place that night, featuring The Green, Soja, and headliners The Dirty Heads.
RdGldGrn owned the stage with an impressive reggae-rock groove by an incredibly talented rhythm section, playing cover tunes, as well as their own originals. The group from Washington D.C. engaged the crowd during and between each song, bringing life throughout the stage and the venue.

The next band, The Green, took the stage with a great balance of groove and lead. The six-piece band from Hawaii had been on tour for about seven weeks at the time, the lead vocalist told fans. The group kept a solid groove and a great vibe throughout their set; people were moving, and definitely enjoying themselves and the music.

The third band to play was SOJA, who had been on the road for about five months, according to the band’s frontman. The eight-piece band brought life to the stage with a talented horn section, supporting keyboards, percussion, bass, duel-guitars, and great vocals to top it all off. Each of their songs contained a solid groove from the rhythm section that would make a deaf man tap his toes.

Finally, the headliners, The Dirty Heads, a six-piece band from Huntington Beach, California, took the stage.

Leaning more toward a hip-hop/reggae vibe, with a rock-solid groove from the rhythm section–primarily the drums, percussion, and keyboard–definitely got the crowd excited and moving to the beat. The combination of smooth bass lines, crisp rapping, melodic vocals, solid lead guitar, and an iron-clad rhythm gave The Dirty Heads a great and unique sound.

Each of the bands from that night can be found on multiple social media outlets–such as Facebook and Instagram–and are definitely well worth tapping the “follow” button.